viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

welcome to my blog!!

in this blog I'll post my activity level 5 in English and activities to practice my English..

my name is juan fernandez, I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela live in maracaibo, I have 18 years of age, studied engineering inelectronics in URBE, and I'm on my 4to trimester..

rock band "mago de oz"
I like the music "any genre" but I focus more on rock music, I like to sing, learn languages, world history, going out with friends, I love pizza and listening to music ..

I do not like gender injustice as racism, I do not like carrots orselfish people like me.

the holy family
 My dream is to someday travel to Spain and know the whole country, I love Spanish culture, I have separate Spanish descent, and travel to Venice, I find fascinating is the fact that a city on thewater.

I like learning every day a little more English or another language, I find it easy to talk English, but writing is difficult for me, I like thespoken and didactic classes, and the more practice I feel more comfortabletry to practice my English every once I can, talking with friends, listening to music, watching TV between precent more..

well this has been a bit of who I am and what I think, for I Know a little! goodbye.

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