lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Future plans

I have plan to graduate electronic engineering is the career that I am studying to get a job that gives me stability and to make all my dreams, and I have the hope of determining my career after two more runs to study philosophy and music are!

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My school life

1. I graduated from my primary.
2. I graduated from high school.
3. Present state vocational test.
4. Present academic aptitude test of the state.
5. Wait listings for study at the State University.
6. Search for careers in private universities.
7. Select city as my university.
8. Collect and take my papers to the university.
9. I enrolled in college.
10. And now during the 6th quarter of Electronic Engineering.

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My neighborhood

Well, I would come to describe a little of my neighborhood. I live ina small community surrounded by buildings with a park in the center, is well situated for this entry throughout the San Francisco County, giving quick and easy access to exit or enter city ​​haseateries, supermarkets and shops within easy reach, is a quiet neighborhood surrounded by good people and very close, the only bad thing is that to get on public transport have to walkseveral blocks to get to the bus stop of these, is surrounded bymany green areas and parking for each apartment.

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My steps are going to the super market to buy the pantry, go to the pharmacy for my grandmother's pills, going to the mall to buy the strings of my guitar, go pick up my sister in high school.


This is the campus map URBE

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

the story of bank robber

here I bring the story of a bank robbery..

a subject robs a bank around 2:00 pm, a witness observed the subject fleeing out of the bank to the south with two bags full of money, the police follow the trail of the subject according to the witness pitas provides,
then a few hours the police find an individual with the same characteristics as the witness provided them with the man and flees suspected reaction, which gives it away and began a foot chase a few minutes, because the police fail to stop quickly, leading to arrest of man is brought to court tried, convicted and imprisoned for several years.

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