viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

"si yo, tu" ( if I, your )

good her i leave a poem which for me is one of the most thougtful  poets in Spanish, "txus di falletio"

English version:

Txus di fellatio
Spanish version

If I ... you.
If you fall ... I with you
and we will rise together
in this together.

If I lose ... find me.
If you get lost ... I with you
and together we read in the stars
This is our way.
And if there ... invent it.

If the distance is forgotten
will bridge with your hugs
for what you and I have lived
non-string ...
even links:
is the dream of any friend
I love to paint a dashed
and dry in our lap.

If I ... you.
If you doubt it, I push
If in doubt, I understand
If you keep quiet, listen to my eyes
If you shut up, read your gestures.

If you need me ... whistles
and build a staircase
made your last kisses,
to steal the moon a star
and put it on your table
light for you.

If I ... you.
If you ... So do I.
If I cry, Riemer.
If you laugh, cry
because we balance,
two halves that form a dream.

If I ... you.
If you ... me.
And if you kneel
the world will be lower,
to your needs,
because sometimes to keep growing
no bending.

If you leave me, I will keep the flame alive
until you return,
and no questions, keep walking.
And I will follow you unconditionally forgiving.
If you fall asleep, keep on dreaming,
that the time has not passed
the clock has stopped.

And if you ever laugh
it makes you hard,
you dry the tears
and tenderness,
I'll be by your side,
I've always loved it,
because I've always care.

But never cure you of loving,
for love is like Don Quixote
only regains sanity
to die.
Love me in my madness
for my straitjacket is you,
and that calms me down,
and I heal ...

If I ... you.
If you and me.
Without you, nothing.
Without me, if you want ... test.

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