lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

People in my life!

This entry is to the work of people in my life of course English V

*Relative (family): 

My dad: my father is a very important person in my life that has given me values ​​and a big part of who I am, a person of strong character, but a righteous person, my dad is 51 years old.

My mon: my mom is very understandable, you can listen and understand. A person who supports me, and I can always count on her, my mom is 41 years old.

my grandmother: My grandmother is very funny, she takes care of my big part of my life, currently living with her, my grandmother is 57 years old.


*Best Friends:

*Daniel: is my friend for 12 years, I know from very small, is a bit complicated, but very kind and polite, has 16 years of age.

*Adriana: I can talk with her and always tell her, a very funny and witty, spontaneous and very positive, has 18 years of age.

*friends from school:

*Adriana: he is a very rational person, a little stubborn and strong willed, but never leaves you in difficult times, carlos has 17 years of age.

*Jose: a very creative person, a little crazy, spontaneous, sincere and you can always upport which always help you, jose has 18 years of age.


*Frederick: is a very calm and relaxed, good person and good friend, Frederick is 17 years old.

*People i admire:

*Txus : I admire him a lot for being a great musician but a great poet andeven a great person, I identify a lot with the lyrics of their songs and I feel very relaxed reading the lyrics of his poems, and I love the way to express yourself and see the life and society in whichwe stand, as liberal soul inspires me to believe that everything we have control of our destinies, is a leader and drummer of the band Mago de Oz, Txus have 41 years of age.

well these have been the most significant people in my life, and here I bid bye!

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